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Finally!!! Nightmare by : Avenged Sevenfold >> Are Officially Release

Sunrise Pagi Hari - Kabar baik nan menggembirakan bagi seluruh fans fanatic Avenged Sevenfold hadir minggu ini, gimana gak seneng coba? bayangin aja, setelah menunggu berbulan-bulan akhirnya hits single dari album teranyar Avenged Sevenfold (Nightmare) dirilis secara resmi di iTunes.com tentunya dengan membayar beberapa dolar amerika untuk sekali download.
Tapi yahh like ussual,, mau gimana lagi gak lama berselang dari hari rilis-rilisannya free-download alias download gratisannya juga langsung muncul berserakan didunia maya. Tapi walaupun kurang terpuji *hehehe :),, yang terpenting adalah seluruh sevenfoldism diseluruh penjuru dunia bakal terpuaskan dahaganya akan lagu-lagu metal-core nan keren ala Synyster Gates cs. hahahaha *LOL
nich aQ kasih langsung link free downloadnya (tapi kalo dah beredar dinegara kita Indonesia beli yang original juga donk brother!!!).
Tinggal click sekali aja!!! ceck this out :

Sunrise Pagi Hari ~ Download Mp3 Nightmare - by : Avenged Sevenfold

nich lyricnya juga gua beri :

(Now your nightmare comes to life)

Dragged you down below down to the devil’s show,
To be his guest forever,
Peace of mind is less than never
Hate to twist your mind, but God ain’t on your side
An old acquaintance severed,
Render of your last endeavor

Ashes burning, you can smell it in the air,
Cause men like you have such an easy soul to steal.
So stand in line while banging numbers in your head,
You’re now a slave until the end of time
And nothing stops the madness turning,
haunting, yearning, pull the trigger!

Chorus 1 :
You should have known
The price of evil,
And it hurts to know that you belong here, yeah
Ooooh, it’s your f*ckin’ nightmare
(While your nightmare comes to life)

Can’t wake up in sweat, cause it ain’t over yet,
Still dancing with your demons,
Victim of your own creation beyond the will to fight,
Where all that’s wrong is right
where hate don’t need a reason
Love is self-assassination

You’ve been lied to just to rape you of your sight,
And now they have the nerve to tell you how to feel.
So sedated as they medicate your brain
And while ya slowly go insane the tell you
Give in with your best intentions
Help ya with your complications

Chorus 2 :
You should have known the price of evil
And it hurts to know that you belong here, yeah
No one to call, everybody to fear
Your tragic fate is looking so clear, yeah.
Ooooo it’s your f*ckin’ nightmare ha ha ha ha!!

Fight, fight, not to fail, fail
Not to fall, fall anekatips
Or you’ll end up like the others.
Die, die, die again, die
Drenched in sin, sin
With no respect for another

Death, You!
Feel the fire, fire
Feel the hate, hate
Your pain is what we desire.
Lost, lost, hit the wall, wall
Watch you crawl, crawl
Such a replaceable liar.

And I know you hear their voices
(calling from above),
And I know they may seem real
(these signals of love),
But a life’s made up of choices
(some without appeal),

They took for granted your soul
And it’s ours now to steal
As your nightmare comes to life

Chorus 3 :
You should have known the price of evil
And it hurts to know that you belong here, yeah.
No one to call, everybody to fear,
Your tragic fate is looking so clear, yeah
ooooh it’s your f*ckin’ nightmare!

Avenged Sevenfold is f*ckin' awesome... d(-.-)b

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